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A film sometimes opens in New York and Los Angeles before opening in the rest of the country. This is an opportunity for critics and film enthusiasts to closely study the movie's success. Also, the dates aren’t carved in stone and are subject to whimsical last-minute changes.
Running Time is A heads-up as to how long you’ll be sitting there.

Ratings key

G: General audiences This film contains nothing that will make parents want to shield the eyes of even their youngest children. No nudity, no naughty words, no drug use and minimal violence (perhaps a knockdown, drag-out dinosaur fight).

PG: Parental Guidance suggested Some material (e.g., violence, cussin’, even a flash of the nipular area) may not be suitable for young children. Too much for the little ones, yes, but generally okay for preteens and your Great Aunt Lil.

PG-13: Parental Guidance suggested for children under 13 Some material, such as the aforementioned cussin’, brawlin’, shootin’, snortin’ and bare boobies, shouldn’t be seen by the preteen set, or perhaps even by their parents.

R: Restricted. No one under 17 admitted without parent or guardian This film contains at least one of the following: Lots of f-words; simulated sexin’; blowed–up body parts; and all sorts of degenerate behavior. So keep the young ’uns far, far away.

NC-17: No Children 17 and under admitted Okay, take the sinful behavior from the last one, jack it up a few notches and you’re gettin’ the gist. You better prepare for all kinds of sex, drugs, blood, killin’ and general unpleasantness. Adults only here. We mean it.